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Functionality & Creativity

Whether you are just starting out or already have final designs, through our sophisticated workflow and years of experience, we will bring the best possible value to your business. Our offer includes:


Understand your business

Creating the customer profile - what are the cornerstones of your business? What is already in place? Where do you currently stand and what added value can we offer you?

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    Status analysis

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    Competitive analysis

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    User Interviews

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Concept & Strategy

Structure information

The basic framework of information - where do you want to stand? How do you want to be perceived? What is your function and what do you want to communicate to the outside world? What problems do you encounter when using your website and how can we solve them? We will help you to clarify these and other questions.

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    Information architecture

Design & Prototyping

First concrete concepts

Step 1:
Presentation of concrete designs, prototypes and functions - are we on the right track? Is the theme on target? Are we understandable to the outside world? Is the balance between creativity and commerciality right?

Step 2:
Giving it a shape - first concrete design drafts, arrangement and structure, implementation of image ideas, design elements and visual language.

Step 3:
Finalization of graphics and content taking into account previous feedback and "handover" of open data to the customer or development.

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    Hi-Fi prototypes

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    Design systems

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    Corporate websites

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    UX/UI Design

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Development and implementation

We develop customized websites and individual solutions adapted to your and your target group. We rely on performance-oriented technologies and CMS systems such as:

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